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How to Choose the Good Couch Trundle Bed

Couch Trundle Bed – Talking about trundle beds is, without a doubt, talking about space. Or, at least, more space than there would be in the bedroom if there were always two single beds. We show you which are the best for each case and why.

You have a home office where you need to strain two beds for when your parents or friends come. You do not want to lose your workspace but you also want your visitors to be comfortable when they visit you. Your best option is an ‘invisible’ nest bed. We call it invisible because when you do not use it, it can be a sofa where you can sit and read and when you have guests it will be transformed into a double bed that invites you to sleep.

You have already passed the debate between trundle beds and bunk beds for your children. Maybe your room is not high enough to install bunk beds or you prefer nest beds for practical reasons. But you have already decided: you want a couch trundle bed, although you still have some doubts. Is one bed as comfortable as the other? Yes. Today, the lower bed is no longer a substitute for the main one, as it used to be. Among the widest variety present, most have slatted beds on both beds and high-quality mattresses: your children will rest as comfortable as they sleep in the bed they sleep on.

Convinced? Now we recommend that you choose a model with built-in drawers so that your children can store their toys there. The room will look much tidier and you may not argue so much with them about how they take care of their things. If you are going to use the couch trundle bed every day, it is convenient for the auxiliary bed to be taken out easily and comfortably. This is especially recommended when the children use the beds. Choose one that is not heavy. There are folding legs that open when leaving the main furniture. This, in addition, is at a height similar to the upper bed and it is the drawers that are at the lowest level.

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