Bunk Bed with Futon Design

Spectacular Bunk Bed with Futon Design

Bunk bed with futon – The futon is the traditional Japanese bed. Originally it consisted of a mattress and a folded and foldable cover to be stored during the day and allow other uses to the room, in addition to the bedroom. The authentic futons are usually low, just 5 cm. of height and have an outer cover with cotton filling usually. Often they sell sets that include the mattress, a quilt and the pillow. In the West the original idea of ​​the futon has undergone some modifications; In general, they are thicker and are placed on a frame that can act as a bed and a sofa. This type of furniture is mainly welcomed in a young segment as it is a comfortable, practical and economical alternative to traditional bedding.

Although there are also models of high design with a certain elitist air. In any case, the choice of a bunk bed with futon always reveals a certain attraction for oriental aesthetics and culture. We present in the first place a complete set of support or tatami, futon, eiderdown and pillows, in dark tones to match a rectangular mirror headboard. A model very faithful to the authentic tradition of the futon and that acclimatizes elegantly to the modern and avant-garde lifestyle of the West.

In the purest Japanese essence we find this tatami-based model in several modules, without the need for a bed structure, and with a large bunk bed with futon designed for a spectacular resting space. The tables are integrated into the surface of the tatami. A simple design in the purest oriental concept. One of the characteristics of the tatami for futon is its versatility. We can place it in the layout we want, following the geometry of the room or breaking with it, as in this example. An easy and comfortable solution for feng shui lovers who seek the best orientation of the bed to facilitate rest.

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