Cozy Loft Bed with Futon and Desk

Loft bed with futon and desk – In addition to sleeping in them is more fun, our sturdy bunk beds and high beds allow you to take advantage of twice the floor space. If the lower bunk bed is only used when you have guests, place some cushions to use as a sofa the rest […]

Amusing Queen Size Futon Bed

Queen size futon bed – Futon beds were first introduced in Japan. They are used all over the world and are very popular for their goals. There are several advantages of futon beds, and they are found all over the world Duet request. In fact, they are being bought and sold on TV program-shopping and […]

Bunk Bed with Futon Design

Bunk bed with futon – The futon is the traditional Japanese bed. Originally it consisted of a mattress and a folded and foldable cover to be stored during the day and allow other uses to the room, in addition to the bedroom. The authentic futons are usually low, just 5 cm. of height and have […]

Convertible Futon Sofa Bed and Lounger

Convertible Futon Sofa Bed – If you’ve just taken the decision to buy a convertible sofa bed, here’s a tip that every consumer should know. These beds are a convenient alternative to futons, which often cause many problems for sleeping comfort. In addition, there are two types of sofa bed conversion, and with the right […]

Coaster Futon Couch Bed

Futon couch bed – Do you expect visitors this season? This book of ideas is for you! According to the urban legend, a person is more likely to die if he does not eat, but when he does not eat, it is better to sleep well. But it’s not just about sleeping, but resting, because […]