Black Wooden Futon Bunk Bed

A wooden futon bunk bed is perfect for teens and students who may want to use their room as a hole that well as a bedroom. It makes seating as well as sleeping in a small area can be used to provide extra sleeping space when needed for overnight guests. This type of bed, although […]

Build Bunk Beds Futon

A bunk beds futon is a kind of bunk that has a normal bunk on the upper level and a futon on the lower level. These berths can be made of wood or metal and are usually made with mattresses that differ in size. The mattress on the futon is almost always larger than the […]

Sliding Library Murphy Bed

Library Murphy Bed – Unfortunately, the lack of space is an increasingly common problem in homes. Fortunately, today we can find numerous solutions in the market to save square meters and take advantage of space. Many of them focus on the bedroom, which is one of the rooms where we have the greatest space problems. […]

DIY Trundle Twin Bed

The use of a trundle twin bed is a great idea for rooms that do not have additional space for a second bed. Trundle beds are beds that usually have rollers on the bottom and can easily slide under the main bed. They can be made of wood or iron, but they are usually made […]

Futons Beds Online Hotel

Futons beds are traditional Japanese furniture, basically the mattress that forms the bed that is still commonly used today. Futons first appeared as an ancient Japanese weed cloth. A traditional futon set usually costs fewer than 10,000 yen (about $ 83) sold in a special store called futon in Japan and other department stores. A […]

Wooden Bunk Bed with Futon and Desk

Bunk Bed with Futon and Desk – Because the houses nowadays have less space, and in addition, fewer rooms, it is necessary to know how to decorate and organize the bedroom of the children. Most apartments or houses consisting of two or three bedrooms at the most. The first, which is the main one that […]

Parts for a Futon Bunk Bed with Desk

Futon Bunk Bed with Desk – Providing your children with their own space in which they can reconcile, not only their needs in terms of rest, but their hours of play or study is often a real challenge when the dimensions do not accompany. Children’s bedrooms tend to need a whole series of elements among […]

Awesome Queen Size Bed with Trundle

Choose a queen size bed with trundle that well with the platform is important, especially if you have two or three children who will be sharing a room. Large bunk beds, if the children are older, and the platform will provide a safe place where your little one can sleep. Here are some things to […]

Gray Loft Bed with Trundle

Loft bed with trundle – this option is similar to the previous one, but the lower space is not exactly an organizer, but has been left free to place boxes of different sizes. In this case, a second level was built in the room but at a considerably small height in such a way that […]

Best Murphy bed Travel Trailer Ideas

The Murphy bed travel trailer is furniture often in smaller apartments or guest rooms where space is limited. Instead of the bed always takes up a big footprint on the floor, a Murphy bed folds up to be stored in a closet. This allows the floor space to be used when no bed is required. […]