Stunning Murphy Bed Bookcase Design

Custom Murphy Bed Bookcase

Murphy bed bookcase – The original Murphy beds were inclosed in cabinets and cabinets. Unfortunately, a closet or cabinet filled with a bed can not be used for much else. That is why contemporary designers have figured out ways to conceal Murphy beds while maintaining utility and aesthetics. These attractive and functional Murphy bed options are suitable for anyone who needs small bedroom ideas. This smart design uses sliding bookshelves mounted on rails to hide a Murphy bed. The basic arrangement consists of four bookshelves of the same size. Two stand on each side of the bed.

The other two shelves can sit in front of the upright bed, veil it from the view, or directly in front of the stationary shelves, allowing the bed to be lowered. It’s a simple but very effective set up: the shelves can hold books or other items that are rented completely hidden and only the small footprint upright bed remains useless. This design is especially popular because it is so easy to implement and because it maximizes the use of available storage space. The double is one of the most common sizes for murphy bed bookcase. A twin is the right size to accommodate the occasional overnight visitor.

With a little search, you can find special Murphy bed hardware that allows for horizontal mounting of a double mattress. Depending on the configuration, an upright “side tilt” twin mattress will not be more than around the waist-high. This means that a thoughtful designer can hide a side tilt Murphy bed using a variety of non-traditional methods. For example, a horizontally mounted Murphy bed will fit under a bar, with a few bar stools concealing any remaining traces. Entertainment centers, big side console tables and decorative mantelpieces are all legitimate hiding places for a side-tilt murphy bed bookcase.

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